Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1977 Kawasaki KD 100-M2 With Specs

Here's a 1977 KD 100-M2 that my niece and I brought back to life in 2007.

She wanted to learn how to wrench and ride so we found an old pile to tear down and fix up.

Here's what we started with.

The thing needed a few parts but we got lucky and picked up a roller on eBay for $20 that had a bunch of good stuff still hanging off it.

After breaking both bikes down and picking the best from the lot we wound up with a bit nicer end result than was imagined at the start. Total cost for the bike and rework was around $200.

Makes me wish I was a kid again.

Here are some specs on the KD 100 from various sources.

Make and Model Kawasaki KD100-M2
Correct Color Quick Silver w/Black fenders
M2 Frame Serial Number Range KD100M-005001 to 012506
M2 Engine Serial Number Range KD100ME005001 to 012509
Dry Weight 154 lbs
Wheelbase 43.3 in
Seat Height 27.5 in
Ground Clearance 6.3 in
Engine 99 cc (6.04 cid) air cooled rotary valve 2-stroke 1-cylinder
Bore x Stroke 1.95 x 2.04 in (49.5 mm x 51.8 mm)
Compression Ratio 7.3:1
Maximum Horsepower 8.5 at 6500 rpm
Maximum Torque 7 lb/ft at 5500 rpm
Carburetion Mikuni VM19SC
Carb Air Screw Setting 1-1/4 turns out
Idle Speed Setting Lowest stable rpm around 1300 ±100
Ignition System Fixed Advance Flywheel Magneto
Spark Plug NGK B7HS 0.024-0.028 in gap
Ignition Timing 20° btdc
Point Gap 0.012-0.016 in
Transmission 5-speed Constant Mesh
Shift Pattern N-1-2-3-4-5 from bottom up
Gear Ratios 1st-2.92, 2nd-1.76, 3rd-1.30, 4th-1.09, 5th-0.96
Transmission Oil 0.64 (about 2/3) qts SE class SAE 10W30 or 10W40
Drive Chain Slack 0.59-0.98 in
Fuel Tank Capacity 1.58 gal
Fuel/Oil Mix Ratio 50:1
Front Tire 2.50-16
Rear Tire 2.75-14


  1. nice.. I'm doing my sons now . Sat for 10 years in my shed carb a mess

  2. Thanks. It was a fun and simple re-build. The niece worked hard on it and learned a lot. Sad thing was she got interested in boys and girlie stuff after it was together and never got to ride it much. Good luck with your son's.

  3. I have the same exact bike in good cosmedic and running shape.... what would you price it at?

  4. I just picked up a '79 KD100, for $350. It runs but fouls sprark plugs when trying to get it started, and thus is hard to start. I have not started working on it yet, but I assume it's too rich and needs carb adjusted. Any tips?

    1. Tips? Not really much more than the normal stuff. Fuel, air, spark. Make sure all the screws are tight on the case, carb mount, etc.

      I've found sound advice on the forum at Carburetors by WiredGeorge.

  5. I found a kd100m durt bike with no engine is there a place where I can buy a new engine or used one or a universal engine can some one help me before I throw it back to the street

  6. Beats me Man. I believe the bigger KE100 uses the same engine though. Good luck in your search and please feel free to come back and comment on anything you find.